The Christian and the Internet

An entity has arisen in our world today very quickly, one that many people fear and do not know much about. This entity is the Internet, and in the past ten years it has gone from an obscure tool of nerds to the infiltration of every media, business, and home. How should the Christian respond to this new medium?

It must be recognized before all else that the Internet is a tool. It is not a lifestyle, not inherently evil, yet not inherently good, either. It, like the television before it and many other inventions, is a new medium of communication, and should be treated as such. The Internet has the potential for much good; this magazine is an example. The Internet provides us another way of fulfilling our commission of Matthew 28:18-20, to preach the Word to all creation. The Internet also allows for communication and fellowship among brethren, edifying all (Hebrews 3:13).

While it has the capability of much good, there is also much evil that the Internet can facilitate. Human lusts have also jumped on the Internet bandwagon, and try to look innocuous. Even if one avoids all of the temptations which the Internet may provide, we must always remember to be moderate in our use of such a medium so that it does not conquer our lives (Titus 1:8).

What should the Christian do with the Internet? Treat it as it should be: a tool. The Christian should treat the Internet like they treat other tools: they drive cars to go places they want to go, watch television to gain information, etc. They should use the Internet to communicate with non-Christians and Christians alike, and keep away from the sinful activities which also go on in cyberspace. And, as with all things, temperance should be used: the Internet is not a substitute for real life, and the Internet should never replace contact with real people.


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