Sermon Outlines

On these pages there may be found sermon outlines, funeral outlines, and invitations that I have preached, along with mp3 files for many of these lessons. Please click on the “outline” link to view the outlines of the particular lessons, and please click on the “mp3” link to play an mp3 audio file of the lesson in a new window.

MP3 Clarity Warning: Because of space limitations, the mp3 audio files presented here have been significantly compressed. This allows for more mp3s to be available online, but it does reduce the quality of the file. While I believe that all of the mp3 files can be understood, please do not expect crystal clear quality and sound. Thank you for your understanding!

Use Notice: It is my desire that these lessons be used for the glory of God; as in all spiritual things, the thoughts expressed in these lessons are not new, but they are the way that I have organized these thoughts in a manner the makes sense to me. If you would like to preach one or more of these lessons, feel free to let the thoughts presented in these materials guide you, but organize the thoughts in a manner that makes sense to you. Thanks!

Please use these lessons to the glory of God.

Sermon Outlines

On account of the ever larger number of lessons provided on this website, I have now created different listings for sermon outlines. Please click on the links below.

Recent Sermons

Below are the most recent sermons I have preached or will be preaching in the near future. They are cleared quarterly.

September 23, 2018

Interpreting the Bible: Basic Hermeneutics | The Bible | Download ⬇

September 16, 2018

The Day of YHWH in 70 | Download ⬇

September 09, 2018

The Day of YHWH in 586 | Download ⬇

September 02, 2018

The Day of YHWH in 722 | Download ⬇

August 26, 2018

Bible Versions and Differences in Translations | The Bible | Download ⬇

August 12 and 19, 2018

Satan in the New Testament | Download ⬇

August 05, 2018

Satan in the Old Testament | Download ⬇

July 22, 2018

Bible Versions and Differences in Texts | The Bible | Download ⬇

July 08, 2018

To the Work! | Nehemiah 4:1-23 | Download ⬇

July 01, 2018

Daniel in the Lion’s Den | Daniel 6:1-24 | Download ⬇

June 24, 2018

The Old Testament Text | The Bible | Download ⬇

June 10, 2018

Follow YHWH or Baal | 1 Kings 18:20-40 | Download ⬇

June 03, 2018

Jacob to Israel: Wrestling With God | Genesis 32:22-32 | Download ⬇

Other Sermon Resources

Lesson Archive via Venice church of Christ

Sermon resources from other brethren are available through the various links pages.

MP3 Request

MP3 audio files exist for all sermons which I have preached; they are not all online. Please contact me through the following if you would like to request a sermon mp3: