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For many years now Christianity has been associated with denominationalism in the eyes of many people in the world. Many continue to participate in denominational organizations; some decry the existence and maintenance of such organizations.Continue reading

The Christian and Unity

What is Christianity all about? Many people consider Christianity to be mostly about Jesus dying for the sins of mankind. Indeed (John 3:16); but why did Jesus have to die for the sins of mankind?Continue reading

Restoration and Tradition

In churches of Christ we are heirs to the mantle of the Restoration Movement, an attempt to overcome the divisions of denominationalism by returning to the pure apostolic doctrines of Christ as revealed in theContinue reading

Why Be Baptized?

Baptism has become a quite controversial subject in the world of “Christendom.” Almost every group practices something they call baptism, but the mode, timing, and purpose of the action varies considerably. Some sprinkle water; othersContinue reading

Hermeneutical Agnosticism

When one surveys the various aspects of “Christendom,” it does not take long to notice the great variety in doctrines, teachings, and practices among the various denominations and groups who claim to follow Jesus. MostContinue reading

The Sanctification of the Believer

In Scripture, sanctification involves separation and purification for God’s purposes. The Scriptures also declare how God wills for the sanctification of those who believe in Jesus (1 Thessalonians 4:3). Yet how and when are believersContinue reading

The Unholy Trinity

For some time now we have heard dire warnings about the “faith crisis” in America. Even though our country continues to grow in population, church membership and attendance, on the whole, remains flat or inContinue reading