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Bad News Requiring Good News

The “Gospel” is designed to be “good news”; that’s what the word means. In the modern world, however, how the Gospel is “good news” can be confusing to many. Suffering and death leading to someContinue reading

Salvation in the New Testament

Great expectations surrounded the birth of the Messiah. The angel Gabriel told Mary to name Him Jesus (“YHWH saves”), for He would save the people from their sins (Matthew 1:21). Mary rejoiced in God herContinue reading

The Mystery of the Gospel

Paul did well at encouraging his fellow Christians with reminders of all the spiritual blessings with which God has blessed them in Christ, praying they might be able to understand the greatness of the salvationContinue reading

Fake Gospels

People these days are hearing a lot about “fake news”; it has become a concern across the political spectrum. “Fake news” feature reports which may invent stories and pass them off as real or provideContinue reading