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Many have sounded the alarm regarding the health and status of the institution of marriage in modern society. Marriage is being delayed considerably; many do not marry at all. For far too many, marriage becomesContinue reading

The Day of YHWH’s Anger

The word of YHWH came to Zephaniah son of Cushi in the days of Josiah king of Judah. He had warned Judah regarding the imminent Day of YHWH coming against them, a day of distressContinue reading

The Day of YHWH’s Sacrifice

The people of Judah persisted in idolatry. Even though disaster had overtaken their Israelite brethren to the north, they imagined they would be spared on account of the Temple. Nevertheless, judgment was coming. Many prophetsContinue reading

Fallen Virgin Israel

God commissioned Amos to pronounce words of indictment and judgment against the northern Kingdom of Israel for all the transgressions of idolatry and injustice perpetrated in the land, warning them to repent or experience theContinue reading


The Jewish people had returned to their land; the Second Temple had been built; life under the Persian authorities took on a new form of “normal.” Some bad habits had crept back into the lifeContinue reading


The Jewish people had returned to Israel from the exile, but they were not prospering. The time had come to return to the work and to finish the Temple of YHWH. God exhorted the peopleContinue reading


King Josiah proved faithful to YHWH; many of his subjects did not. Zephaniah warned idolatrous and sinful Judah that judgment was coming unless they repented. Zephaniah is the thirty-sixth book in most English Bibles; inContinue reading