Bible References

Many people struggle when trying to study and understand the Bible because they do not turn to good Bible references to help them in their study. Many may fear that looking at any book beside the Bible may taint them or actually hinder them in their learning.

While it is true that there are many works to avoid, there are many concepts and ideas in the Bible that are difficult to understand, let alone the fact that we live in a different culture with different terms for all kinds of things. Do not think that you are stupid because you need to use Bible references– the most knowledgeable people about the Bible are the ones who most realize how they need those resources!

Every house should have a concordance, be it Strong’s, Young’s, or Cruden’s, along with a Bible dictionary like Vine’s, Easton’s, or Smith’s. An English dictionary can also help. A Bible atlas can help you figure out where the various places named in the Bible are located. Remember: the Bible has been the most studied book in history. Take advantage of these resources!


Bible References

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