Romans 14

The understanding and application of Paul’s message in Romans 14 has become a contentious issue among brethren. This is extremely regrettable; it is a sad irony for us to disagree regarding the passage that teaches us how, in matters of liberty, we can work together despite disagreement.

There are many, perhaps, who hear of the controversy surrounding Romans 14 and throw up their hands in confusion and believe that the passage cannot be properly understood. This situation is lamentable but it does not need to occur!

My purpose with this portion of the website is to thoroughly analyze Romans 14 and different positions on its message and application: first, the text and commentary; then an examination of the arguments going too far and also not going far enough in regards to the applications of Romans 14. It is hoped that the reader will find this material profitable and easy to understand and, most importantly, true to the text and Paul’s intention for Christians disagreeing in matters of liberty.

Please click on the links below to examine Romans 14, the text, and arguments regarding the text.

Romans 14: Text

Romans 14: Arguments

Other Materials on Romans 14

Romans 14

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