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Performance Evangelism

When walking into some church assemblies these days a person can be forgiven for wondering if they have walked into some kind of experiential theater. Lights are kept low; smoke or fog machines run; theContinue reading


So much about vulnerability can be understood by the very word we have used to describe it. Vulnerability is becoming a more prominent theme in American culture today. Dr. Brene Brown, a noted researcher inContinue reading

God and His People

The story of the Bible can rightly be seen as the story of the relationship between God and His people. From beginning to end the Bible describes how God has worked for and through HisContinue reading

The Isolating Internet

The Internet has become the greatest telecommunications tool on the planet and has dramatically changed how humans connect and communicate with each other throughout the past twenty years. These changes have brought many benefits. WeContinue reading

The Need for Church Discipline

In our world today, we see a major shift away from the idea of discipline in almost every way of life. Children go around rarely punished by parents, and then we wonder why our youngContinue reading