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Eager to Remember the Poor

We now approach the time of year when people begin to think about one another and give gifts and enjoy good cheer. While many times we think of providing gifts for those who are familyContinue reading

The Christian and Liberality

Within many sectors of “Christendom” the word “liberal” has become derogatory and used often as a slur. Such is tragic, since according to the Lord Jesus, all who do not prove liberal will be condemnedContinue reading


It seems to be an almost daily occurrence, at least in my mailbox: another charity sending a request for financial support. Requests come in from children’s hospitals, cancer treatment centers, local rescue missions, non-governmental organizationsContinue reading

The Work of the Local Church

As we strive to be New Testament Christians, using the New Testament as our standard and guide, it is important for us to consider what God has established for the work of the local church.Continue reading