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The Letter of Jude

He would have rather written an encouraging letter regarding their shared faith; nevertheless, many false teachers had infiltrated their ranks, justifying immorality, denying the Lord. Such people always had existed among the people of God;Continue reading

The Second and Third Letters of John

False teachers went about among the churches, denying the bodily existence of the Lord Jesus; one Christian was filled with pride and an unhealthy view of himself and proved overly ambitious and divisive. John wouldContinue reading

The Christian and Proper Perspective

It is one of the great conundrums and challenges of “Christendom” today: how can so many sincere people read the same book, ostensibly confess the same Lord, and yet come to such radically different conclusionsContinue reading

The First Letter of John

John surveyed the scene and saw many concerning trends: Christians were despairing of confidence in their salvation; antichrists went about professing a different Christ, denying the reality of sin, and making faithful Christians seem deficient.Continue reading

The Vulgate

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic and translated into Greek before the days of Jesus; the New Testament was originally written in Greek. And yet it is the Romans, speakers ofContinue reading