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The First Letter of Peter

Christians of Asia Minor sought to prove faithful to Jesus. They did good things for others but were persecuted for it. Religious persecution was a new thing for many of them. Peter wanted to encourageContinue reading

The Masoretic Text

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew with a few sections of Aramaic. When we speak of the copies of the Old Testament which have come down to us in Hebrew, we are speaking regardingContinue reading

The Letter of James

Exhortations to faithfulness prove always prescient for Christians. James felt compelled to provide many such important exhortations to his fellow Jewish Christians throughout the Roman Empire who would listen; we cherish his instruction as foundContinue reading

The Letter to the Hebrews

Some Christians were in great need of encouragement. Yes, they should have been more spiritually mature by this time, but their resolve was wearing thin. They needed to be reminded of the superiority of whatContinue reading