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Paul’s Letter to Titus

Paul maintained great confidence in Titus; he had given the younger evangelist quite the tall order. Cretans were notorious for lying and gluttony; Titus would do well to set all things in order and exhortContinue reading

Bible Study Basics

Christians generally recognize they would do well to study their Bibles. They have been told over and over again by elders and preachers to do so; they perceive a need to be better acquainted withContinue reading

The Mesha Stele

The historical accounts preserved in the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, attest to the existence and activity of not only Israel but also many other nation-states of the early Iron Age. Archaeologists have uncovered manyContinue reading

The Bible as Evidence

The Christian faith is founded upon the belief that YHWH, God of Israel, is the Creator of the universe, and that He has fully made known His character and purposes through His Son, Jesus ofContinue reading

Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Paul had often written to Christians in various churches in order to correct various misunderstandings and to provide specific forms of exhortation. The time had come to systematically lay out his insight into the mysteryContinue reading

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians Paul was astonished and perplexed. Christians in the Roman province of Galatia had heard the Gospel and had obeyed it, and now they were quickly being seduced into submitting toContinue reading