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Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

The Apostle Paul addressed the imminent danger of apostasy among the Galatian Christians, firmly insisting they could not expect to find grace if they held to the Law of Moses (Galatians 1:1-5:16). But Paul didContinue reading

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

The Apostle Paul, having established his great concern regarding the Galatian Christians turning to the rites of the Law, then desired to encourage them to avoid sin and accomplish righteousness. He did so by condemningContinue reading


“Authentic” has become one of the new buzzwords of the twenty-first century; it would seem that everyone, everywhere is on a quest to manifest greater authenticity. People yearn to find their true, authentic selves, theyContinue reading

The Christian and Modesty

Modern Western culture is all about self-promotion and glorification. Our society has elevated the standing and importance of the individual above almost all things; therefore, the promotion of the individual becomes all-important. Those who getContinue reading


Humility is one of the more difficult forms of virtue to manifest. The Greeks thought humility to be weakness and did not consider it a virtue; the world, by in large, maintains that assessment. ThoseContinue reading