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A Crisis of Authority

These days “authority” is often seen as almost a “dirty” word. People show very little respect for authority and remain skeptical about any claims of authority. The news is full of people in whom authorityContinue reading


Abortion has become the “issue of all issues” in the “culture wars” in America today; it is one of the most polarizing and contentious matters in modern political and cultural discourse. Over the past fiftyContinue reading

A Culture of Death

In Revelation 17:1-18:24 John is granted a vision of the whore Babylon. The picture is not pretty: she wears luxuriant clothing and ostentatious jewelry, holding a cup full of abominations from which the nations drink,Continue reading


“Authentic” has become one of the new buzzwords of the twenty-first century; it would seem that everyone, everywhere is on a quest to manifest greater authenticity. People yearn to find their true, authentic selves, theyContinue reading


We can imagine the scene: a dark wood. Men and women stand around wearing cloaks; strange words are uttered. Perhaps some sacrifice is offered. Or perhaps it is in an old church building with aContinue reading

The Christian and Race

Few subjects prove as fraught with difficulty, pain, suffering, and awkwardness as race, especially race in the United States of America. Some people wish to deny the existence of race and/or racism; others conceive ofContinue reading

The Christian and the Body

Western culture and society, and all those influenced by them, have a love-hate relationship with the body. By all accounts and appearances Western culture loves the physical body and its desires. Everywhere we look itContinue reading

The Christian and Culture

We hear a lot about “culture” these days. People commend or decry various “cultural trends.” We recognize that certain people are significant “cultural influencers.” There seems to be no end of discussion regarding “cultural differences.”Continue reading

Gender Roles in the Work of the Church

Western culture has experienced a sea change in attitudes regarding gender roles over the past century. Long held customs have been entirely overthrown; in such an environment we should not be surprised to see theContinue reading