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The Anti-Denominational Gospel

The Apostles proclaimed the Gospel in its purity and simplicity. Soon after the forces of deceit and error wrought havoc in the world, resulting in the development of different doctrines and groups and thus theContinue reading

Works of the Flesh: Sects

The Apostle Paul proved as concerned for the general conduct of the Christians in Galatia as he did the particular challenges of the “Judaizers”; he wanted them to avoid the “works of the flesh” andContinue reading

Constantine and Christendom

Perhaps Constantine did have some kind of mystical experience before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge; maybe he was influenced profoundly by his mother Helena; maybe he proved to be a shrewd calculator to achieveContinue reading


For many years now Christianity has been associated with denominationalism in the eyes of many people in the world. Many continue to participate in denominational organizations; some decry the existence and maintenance of such organizations.Continue reading

The Restoration Plea

Jesus of Nazareth is the way, the truth, and the life, the only way to the Father, and the anchor of the hope of the resurrection of life, according to those who saw Him inContinue reading

Multisite Churches?

A recent trend in the world of “Christendom” features multisite churches. Multisite churches involve a church that may have begun in one particular location but has grown to establish other “campuses,” building locations in otherContinue reading