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For a lot of people, “church” evokes unpleasant experiences. We have all seen many examples of churches and their leaders not acting like they should. Maybe you grew up in a church and found itContinue reading


We are all born into families. In families we learn what life and love are all about, for better or for worse. Some people are blessed with wonderful, loving, supportive families. Other people seem toContinue reading

Perspective and Priorities

We have more time-saving technologies than ever before, but how many of us feel as though we have enough time in life? Most people feel a sense of unease about their lives and their schedules:Continue reading

Gods of This World: Busyness

If you were asked right now whether you would be available to get together for something in a few hours, how would you respond? How about tomorrow? Or next week? Perhaps even next month? TheseContinue reading

Serving God While Single

Quite often it is a difficult thing to be a Christian and single. In the church emphasis is most often placed on marriage and relationships for understandable reasons: most people in the church are marriedContinue reading

The Family

The family is one of the basic units of our world. Most people recognize the value of family, a group of people who are committed to each other and provide continual encouragement and strength thatContinue reading