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Jesus’ Resurrection

It seemed that everything had gone wrong. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything changed forever. Jesus of Nazareth, whom many believed was the Christ of God, was crucified. Then, when the disciples were inContinue reading

Jesus’ Death

Everything was falling into place. The Messiah had entered Jerusalem. Everyone was ready for Him to take up His authority. But then everything seemed to go wrong. Jesus was betrayed, tried, condemned, and crucified duringContinue reading

Jesus’ Lordship

The good news of Jesus Christ focuses on His story: He was born of a virgin, fulfilled the Law and proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God while on earth, was betrayed, condemned,Continue reading

Jesus’ Return

Part of the message of Jesus of Nazareth has always involved His future return (Matthew 24:37-25:46, John 21:23, Acts 1:11). Jesus’ return represents the grand transition in God’s eternal plan, and fosters the hope ofContinue reading

Jesus’ Life

The hopes and expectations of Israel rested upon the Christ child, and these expectations reached a fever pitch by the early first century CE. The angel Gabriel and the Holy Spirit revealed to many howContinue reading

Jesus’ Birth

Everything led up to this moment. For as long as Israel was a nation they hoped for a future teacher and deliverer. Moses, leader and lawgiver, himself spoke of a prophet like him whom GodContinue reading