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I Am Not Fine; Neither Are You.

How are you doing today? You’re fine? How am I doing? Oh, I’m fine, too. How many times have you had such a conversation in your life? How many times have you really, fully, honestlyContinue reading


“Authentic” has become one of the new buzzwords of the twenty-first century; it would seem that everyone, everywhere is on a quest to manifest greater authenticity. People yearn to find their true, authentic selves, theyContinue reading

Christianity and Christians

Christianity features the faith regarding Jesus of Nazareth: confidence toward God that He came to earth as a man, died, was raised from the dead with power on the third day, and now reigns asContinue reading

“Sanctified” Hypocrisy

When we think about hypocrisy, we often immediately start thinking about people who say one thing and do another. We might think about the Pharisees and Jesus’ condemnation of them in Matthew 23:1-35: they mightContinue reading