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Digital Evangelism

It used to be a hobby and a curiosity; many derided it and its potential. Yet life in the twenty-first century is now shaped profoundly by digital technology. We must take digital technology into accountContinue reading

The Christian and the Internet

Few inventions in technology have so thoroughly transformed life as quickly as the Internet. From a government project in the 1960s to a communication platform for a small but growing coterie of fans in theContinue reading

The Isolating Internet

The Internet has become the greatest telecommunications tool on the planet and has dramatically changed how humans connect and communicate with each other throughout the past twenty years. These changes have brought many benefits. WeContinue reading

The Christian and Social Media

“Social media” might be only a decade or so old, but it has grown astronomically and has gained in popularity throughout the world. Social media, broadly defined, is virtual engagement and interaction with other peopleContinue reading

Gods of This World: Entertainment

Modern society faces a paradox: the past century has seen a revolution in time-saving technologies, expediting everyday activities like cleaning, cooking, and traveling, and yet people today seem to have less time than ever before.Continue reading