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Injustice and Wealth

If you see the extortion of the poor, or the perversion of justice and fairness in the government, do not be astonished by the matter. For the high official is watched by a higher official,Continue reading

What Is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? The Gospel is the good news of the life, death, resurrection, ascension, lordship, and imminent return of Jesus of Nazareth. The Gospel is described as the euangelion, the “good news” (e.g.Continue reading


It is a land easily romanticized, full of gods and mysteries, an ever-present spring of wonder and fascination: Egypt. Ancient Egypt was a land of contrasts: a fertile river valley surrounded by inhospitable desert, orderContinue reading

Psalm 2

Psalm 2:1-12, ASV translation, as prose: Why do the nations rage, and the peoples meditate a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against YHWH, and againstContinue reading

The Gospel According to Luke

“Theophilus” had seen many of the accounts of Jesus’ life. Perhaps he had questions; perhaps he was confused about some details. It seemed good for Luke the physician to chronicle in good order the goodContinue reading

Christians and Government: Monarchy

Christianity was established during the days of the Roman Empire with a radical claim for which many of its early adherents gave their lives: God made Jesus of Nazareth Lord and King, declaring Him theContinue reading

Jesus the King

Jesus is called “Jesus Christ” so often that many believe “Christ” to be a last name. But what does it mean for Jesus to be the Christ? Why is that so important? What does itContinue reading