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The Letter of Jude

He would have rather written an encouraging letter regarding their shared faith; nevertheless, many false teachers had infiltrated their ranks, justifying immorality, denying the Lord. Such people always had existed among the people of God;Continue reading

The Second Letter of Peter

Peter’s time to remain on the earth was short. He felt compelled to provide some final reminders and exhortations for Christians. To this end he wrote what we deem the second letter of Peter. TheContinue reading

The Letter of James

Exhortations to faithfulness prove always prescient for Christians. James felt compelled to provide many such important exhortations to his fellow Jewish Christians throughout the Roman Empire who would listen; we cherish his instruction as foundContinue reading

Paul’s Letter to Philemon

Onesimus was a runaway slave. It was necessary to make all things right, but that could lead to injury or death. Paul leveraged all the influence in his command to assist Onesimus with his ownerContinue reading

Paul’s Letter to Titus

Paul maintained great confidence in Titus; he had given the younger evangelist quite the tall order. Cretans were notorious for lying and gluttony; Titus would do well to set all things in order and exhortContinue reading

Paul’s First Letter to Timothy

Paul was only one person; he could not be in multiple places at once. He had business elsewhere; Timothy would be able to handle the situation in Ephesus. Until he could visit them again PaulContinue reading

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians

A four-way partisan divide based on cults of personality; sexual immorality; lawsuits; class distinctions; abuse of spiritual gifts; denial of the resurrection: such are just a few of the difficulties which beset the Christians inContinue reading