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Loyalty is a theme we find frequently in relationships and in society. What should Christians make of “loyalty”? We understand loyalty as feelings of support and allegiance; we generally associate loyalty with faithfulness and dependability.Continue reading


Many have sounded the alarm regarding the health and status of the institution of marriage in modern society. Marriage is being delayed considerably; many do not marry at all. For far too many, marriage becomesContinue reading

Understanding Covenant, VII: Hesed

One cannot come to a good understanding of God’s relationships with mankind without considering covenants. Covenants are agreements maintaining mutual benefits and obligations. God made covenants with the creation in the days of Noah, Abraham,Continue reading

Hating Divorce

One of the perennial concerns that we as the Lord’s people ought to have is being deadened to the deceitfulness of sin (cf. Hebrews 3:13). When a given sin is seen so often and consistentlyContinue reading