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Righteous men see the immorality, injustice, and oppression among them, and often lament such conditions before God. Habakkuk learned that God’s answers to such sins are not necessarily the answers the people of God, righteousContinue reading


Israel and Judah sat in ease despite the darkening clouds to their north. YHWH had delivered them in the past; surely He would do so again, or so they thought. YHWH sent Micah of MoreshethContinue reading


The Assyrians, the scourge of Israel, were the strongest power of the day. It would not be long before they would decimate and then destroy the northern Kingdom of Israel. How could YHWH want suchContinue reading

Obadiah and Nahum

The Assyrians conquered the northern Kingdom of Israel and humiliated the southern Kingdom of Judah. The Edomites attempted to take advantage of Judah when they were down and out. YHWH had noticed. He spoke condemnationContinue reading


The nobility in Israel had obtained great wealth and prosperity. They proved idolatrous and oppressive. Times seemed good. Who wanted to hear the doom-and-gloom message of the pesky southerner Amos? Amos is the thirtieth bookContinue reading


A great plague threatened Israel. Would the people of God repent? What would happen on the great day of YHWH? We learn about such things from the prophet Joel. Joel is the twenty-ninth book inContinue reading


Jeroboam II ruled on the throne; Israel maintained its territorial integrity. Politically and economically things were quite well in Israel. To these people enjoying prosperity God sent the prophet Hosea to warn them unto repentance.Continue reading


For many Israelites exile began not in 586 BCE but in 597 BCE when Nebuchadnezzar exiled King Jehoiachin, much of the nobility and craftsmen, and some of the priests to Babylon (2 Kings 24:8-16). ManyContinue reading

Isaiah 40-66

The day would come when the Israelites would be plunged into existential doubt. They would be in exile in Babylon, always conscious of their status as a defeated people, forced to watch the gods ofContinue reading