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From its beginning Babylon represented human arrogance and rebellion; it would enjoy fleeting moments of glamour and glory on a global stage. Babylon the city, on the Great River Euphrates in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, wouldContinue reading

Dreams and Visions

Humans have been enchanted by dreams and visions for millennia. We want to believe that our dreams may unlock hidden meanings and mysteries in life; cultures throughout time have featured many attempts to interpret whatContinue reading

Redeeming the Nations

Modern Western society is of two minds regarding nationalism. In many ways modern history has been driven by the power of nationalism: today’s nation-state is about the last unifying vestige of community left, and mostContinue reading

4 Ezra

The severity of the blow of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE to Israel is hard to overstate. How could YHWH have yet again delivered His people over to their enemies?Continue reading

A Terrifying Invasion

The Israelites faced the prospect of a debilitating, devastating invasion. Joel, son of Pethuel, was called to warn Israel to repentance. All we know about Joel (“YHWH God,” or “one serving YHWH as God”; JoelContinue reading

The Revelation (Apocalypse) of John

John was in exile for the faith. God granted him a compelling vision which would encourage Christians in their faith: what they were experiencing was consistent with the challenges of the people of God beforeContinue reading

The Tyranny of the Present

The story is told of the man who believed that God would tell him exactly what to do by opening his Bible to a random page and placing his finger on a text. This wentContinue reading