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Articles that I have written. Article indices are available here.

Matters of the Faith

A compilation of various discussions of some substance on various aspects relating to the faith.

Sermon Outlines

Text files of sermons, some mp3s of sermons, and the ability to request other mp3s of sermons.

Romans 14

An analysis of Romans 14, its message, and various interpretations of the passage.


My responses to other material.


A listing of debates in which I have participated. Still under construction.


Links to other pages for spiritual material.

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A Christian’s Deliberations


Churches of the New Testament


Ethan’s primary homepage.

Renewed in Spirit

For the encouragement of the Kingdom.

Spiritual Manna

A weekly devotional for your life.

A Study of Denominations

Venice church of Christ

disciples making disciples on the Westside of Los Angeles

The Vine Bible Study

Find connection on a college campus in Los Angeles.

Making the Word Known

Podcast on evangelism.

The Word Bible Study

The Word Online Bible Courses