Churches of the New Testament

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Christian in the first century? What would it be like to meet with the church in Philippi or Ephesus? What would go on in their assemblies?

In Churches of the New Testament, written by Ethan Longhenry, we explore the world of first century Christianity by examining what Scripture reveals about the local churches of God’s people. We examine background information about the geography and history of each city, as well as whatever is known about the founding of the church there. We also consider what instruction was presented to each church and why, and consider Biblical and historical evidence to see what happened to the church after the first century. Ultimately, we attempt to figure out what lessons can be learned from the example of each church.

Centuries may separate us from the churches of the New Testament, but their examples, instruction, commendation, and rebukes can teach us today. Explore with us what can be learned about God’s intentions for His church according to the Scriptures in Churches of the New Testament!

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