Biblical Resources

Introduction and Disclaimer

This page is devoted to listings of various Biblical resources, defined as materials that help in understanding the Bible and its message and the doctrines taught within it and purportedly taught within it. Many of these resources are valuable primary works that, in paper form, represent a whole library and thus a wealth of material. Many other Biblical resources may also be found on the church and Biblical personal links pages.

The reader is urged especially strongly with these links to compare the doctrines taught in these listings with the Word of God. Many of these resources originate in the pens of denominationalists, and the reader is again advised that I do not necessarily agree with all of the doctrines put forth in the materials in these resources.


Bible Software

  • E-Sword–Positively the best free Bible software available today.

Biblical Languages

General Resources

  • Christian Library–A wealth of good material for Christians.
  • Katapi–Where out-of-print reference works may be accessed.


  • Livius–Articles on ancient history.
Biblical Resources

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