Greetings! Below are links to pages on this website containing various links related to Biblical matters, churches, individuals, and other miscellany. It is hoped that you may find these listings to be expansive, comprehensive, and profitable in your walk with God.


Most of the websites listed below have been written by Christians who are faithful members of churches of Christ of the non-institutional persuasion, save on some of the Links to Biblical Resources. In those matters, many of the doctrines and teachings on those websites listed are likely to be suspect and not in accordance with the truths of Scripture. Regarding the majority, I must say the following. Many of the links I have posted here are by brethren I know, and love. Even though they are brethren, we may disagree on some issues. Therefore, if you go to one of these sites and see some doctrine or some explanation that is completely different and/or opposed to mine, realize that on that issue we disagree, but does not stop us from being fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. As with all materials– both on my site and on others– I would encourage you to judge for yourself from God’s inspired Word what is true versus what is false. Please enjoy!

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